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Sunday Boot Camp at Adrianas Danshus. Intensive 2-hours lessons!

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Welcome to Scandinavian Salsa Congress 2016, March 24-27


Hotel info: There are currently less than 40 rooms left Elite Park Avenue Hotel! For booking info, check out the hotel tab.

The Scandinavian Salsa Congress team is proud to present the 11th annual SSC. Welcome to Elite Park Avenue Hotel in the centre of Gothenburg to experience yet another fantastic dance weekend together with us.

The Scandinavian Salsa Congress is always appreciated by the attendees, the teachers and performers who year after year rank this congress among their absolute favorites. The main reason for this, they tell us, is the outstanding reception they receive on stage from the Gothenburg audience that has come to be considered one of the aboslute loudest and most appreciative in the world! And like the rest of us, the teachers also enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the good organization.

4 dance floors:
• Salsa line style - Bankettsalen 1
• Salsa Cuban - Bankettsalen 2
• Kizomba - Taube
• Bachata - Gripsholm

SSC is the largest nordic salsa event and well-known for its special and friendly atmosphere. It is a gathering for salsa lovers from all over the world: you, me, instructors and show artists.

Less than a month until the congress premiere evening at Elite Park Avenue Hotel! Don't miss the opportunity to take classes from some of the finest salsa, kizomba and bachata teachers in the world. Buy you your full pass now! If you only want to go to the 2 salsa galas, the pre-party and the Sunday Chill-out party, you can buy a party pass.

Confirmed teachers 2016:
Adrian & Anita, Uruguay/Brazil
Arcadia & Konstantin, Chile/Russia
Gatica & Keskya, Norway/France
Luis Vazquez, Mexico
Seo Fernandez & Marta Mazzaretto, Cuba/Italy
Jazzy Ruiz & Iris Reder, Guatemala/Norway
Magda Prichodko, Poland
Alexis Ruiz & Katrin Lerner, Guatemala/Germany
Allure, Norway
Salseras Dance Company, Sweden
SalsaAkademien, Sweden
Maya & Yves, Sweden
Lisa Ask & Daniel Domíngues, Sweden/Cuba
Ronie Saleh & Matilda Corazón Sweden
Stockholm Salsa Dance, Sweden
Jan Arvung, Sweden
Eva Kinga, Sweden
Aldo Mendes, Brazil


Get your full pass now!

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