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Welcome to Scandinavian Salsa Congress 2017, March 23-26


Due to the ongoing renovation of the Bankett Hall at Elite Park Avenue Hotel, this year all activities will take place at Adrianas Danshus.

Confirmed teachers and DJ´s 2017:
Yunaisy & Danger, Cuba, Salsa
Danger Rodriguez, Cuba, Salsa
Jazzy & Iris, Guatemala/Norway, Salsa
Luis Vazquez, Mexico, Salsa and Bachata
Albert & Julie, Spain, Salsa
Wilmer & Maria, Cuba, Salsa
Gero & Vivian, Spain, Bachata Sensual
Stockholm Salsa Dance, Sweden, Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba
IDance, Sweden, Bachata Sensual
Ivana Uzelac, Sweden, Cuba footwork
Adriana Mendes, Brazil, Salsa
Aldo Mendes, Brazil, Samba
William & Marie, Cape Verde/Sweden, Kizomba
Daniel Dominguez & Lisa Ask, Cuba/Sweden, Cubaton and Salsa
Eva Kinga & Daniel Barud, Sweden, Bachata Sensual
DJ Pablo Bat, Spain
DJ Fernandez, Cuba
DJ Relé, Cuba
DJ Davar, Sweden
DJ Cozzi, Uruguay
DJ William, Cape Verde
and more...


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Please revisit our website often for updates
or call +46 708 83 73 10

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